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About Restore 818 Inc.

Restore 818 Inc. is a real estate development & investment firm founded on the creative compilation of astute real estate investment, design and construction experience with a strong emphasis on quality and shattering of conventional design. ‘Restore 818 Homes‘ has a separate website for the Restore 818 Design Studio and Designer Homes for sale .

We are located in Fort Lauderdale and target properties for development in South Florida. Restore 818 generates returns for our investors by taking the ugliest homes and commercial properties in the best neighborhoods and transforming them into dream properties for local buyers. Our fully managed real estate investments target NET annualized returns of 6% – 12% or better with all investments secured by real property. If you are looking to purchase a rental property in South Florida, our equity-optimized rental investment program delivers cashflow properties for investors seeking to build their real estate portfolios.


Restore 818 Inc. began operations in 2010 in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the great depression. We began operating in what were some of the areas worst hit by the collapse of the bursting of the 2008 credit bubble. Through that we developed a strength rooted in the ability to see hidden potential, execute in the face of fear, and profit in the midst of adversity.

In December 2012 Restore 818 relocated from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale to establish ourselves in what we believe will be one of the strongest and most rapidly appreciating markets in the US. There were four critical reasons for such a significant relocation from one Coast to the other which you can read here. You may be surprised to find that you’re in a similar situation and why our setting up shop in South Florida works in your favor.

The Founders

The principals, a husband and wife team John-Paul and Janie Micek, contribute unique skill sets and experience to Restore 818 investors and clients.

John-Paul brings over 30-years of design/build experience and 20+ years of real estate investment and development experience in single-family, multifamily and commercial properties.

Janie brings over 15-years of Architecture, Interior Design and commercial project management experience to the company giving Restore 818 a unique advantage and position in the market.

Operating Philosophy

The primary operating philosophy of Restore 818 rests in the name — RESTORE. We are Value Investors focused on acquiring undervalued properties with solid structures and hidden architectural value. These are properties, that when fully rehabbed create alpha returns for our investors via resale value or cash flow. These are also properties packed with affordable luxury for buyers and renters.

With significant investment experience in diverse markets including New Jersey, Boston, Oahu Hawaii, Houston, Dallas and Southern California we identified a unique opportunity in the South Florida market. We see a growing demand in three segments that provide significant investment opportunities:

1.Discriminating buyers seeking for fully restored and modernized single family homes

2. Strong rental demand for upgraded multifamily properties in B+ or better areas

3. Dated commercial properties ripe for adaptive reuse.

Equally important there is an extremely low supply of upgraded properties in South Florida, especially for those looking for hip, modern living or working spaces. Restore 818 is focused on filling that demand by delivering quality modernized, renovated and rebuilt properties infused with professional design, character and “soul.”

Our investment strategy is value-driven in both the short and long-term. We firmly believe that a strong equity position is key to securing investment positions, no matter what type of property or hold period. The only way to secure a significant equity position is to target properties in distress, disrepair or those failing to meet their highest-and-best-use.