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Acquisition: You Make Money When You Buy

It seems logical; you can’t have a real estate investment without purchasing a property, right? But many investors take this simple process for granted. They incorrectly focus on making money when they sell, making money on rents or a host of other financial gymnastics to overcome a bad purchase. The bottom line is you make money when you buy. When you buy right your likelihood of success increases exponentially. Buying right gives you flexibility and options to make money and helps protect you against losses. Buying wrong leads to an uphill battle to profits and increases the chances for losses.

The basis for successfully selecting and purchasing investment properties comes from understanding the key indicators that combine to impact the real estate market cycle. These factors are so important to property investment success that we call it Secure Market Science.

What’s Secure Market Science?

The real estate market cycle is determined by the confluence of migration, supply and demand, job growth, business-friendly state government and infrastructure redevelopment. These are powerful forces that cannot be ignored or wished away. They are primary drivers of growth, stagnation and decline. Understanding, researching and monitoring these market cycles is how Restore 818 determines target markets, and the specific sub-markets within cities.

Armed with this knowledge, we are able to know precisely what the right places and right times are for each market. That equips us to better achieve accelerated appreciation and Alpha returns on investment properties.

Who do you want performing your acquisitions?

Who would you rather acquiring investment properties for you; a regular old Realtor with little or no investment experience, or the investment-savvy Realtors at Restore 818? Do you want someone with no understanding of design, build or permitting processes, or an expert in those areas filtering potential investments for you? When you invest with Restore 818 you get the benefit of working with a Realtor who understands how to buy right . . . AS AN INVESTOR!

We know how to buy right from an investor viewpoint. We intimately understand design and construction. We are understand the importance of a property’s highest and best use, and the impact that can have on exponential investment returns.

“Raised local” or national market knowledge?

Most Realtors who tout being a “native Floridian” as some advantage are actually hamstringing you in your investment endeavors. Why? Because human nature dictates that, like a frog in warming water, people who have lived in one area all their lives become blind to the changes going on around them. With their vision blurred they fail to recognize opportunities until it’s too late, often misreading the market because of faulty assumptions that “this (fill in the blank) is just like last time”.

Market knowledge has absolutely nothing to do with being a native of anywhere. More importantly we are not constrained by the “blinders” that most South Florida natives wear. This is particularly important when it comes to identifying areas of gentrification and the movement of investment dollars by major market players. Restore 818 brings you numerous advantages when looking to maximize your returns in South Florida, including:

1. Our team has extensive real estate investment experience in major metropolitan areas on the East and West coasts, including: New Jersey, Boston, Oahu, Southern California, Texas and South Florida.

2. We are uniquely qualified to focus on and have a significant competitive advantage in serving the middle to upper-income segment of retail home buyers.

3. We are uniquely positioned to understand the needs and desires of transplants from metropolitan areas seeking quality renovated homes, and “hip” urban 30-something renters in Eastern Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Fully vetted investments, not just MLS listings

If you’ve done your research seeking real estate investments in South Florida you’ve probably visited a number of Realtor web sites with lots of MLS listings for you to look at. But what does setting up an auto-feed from the MLS that mindlessly throws completely unfiltered listings up on a page do for you? What are you supposed to do with those MLS listings, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the nuances of crossing one block West of a street in a neighborhood, choosing accurate comparable properties to determine value, and a host of other information necessary to make wise investment choices?

There’s a reason you don’t find MLS feeds on this site. Before you ever see a Turn-Key Rental Property or a Managed Investment, a Principal of Restore 818 will meet with you to help develop and refine your real estate investment strategy based on your financial situation and goals. When you are presented a real estate investment from Restore 818 you can rest assured that our team of experts will have already evaluated each property so you know the pros and cons of the investment.

No matter which Restore 818 real estate investment option you choose; acquiring an investment property through Restore 818 takes the guesswork out of buying right so that you can focus on the things that matter most.