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Design of Investment Properties

The Restore 818 team provides an integrated 360-degree approach to real estate development, whether renovating and flipping properties for immediate resale, or building out and repositioning properties for maximum cash flow and internal rate of return.

We operate with a unique 360-degree system by which we are able to uniquely fuse interior and exterior spaces for seamless living and entertaining. We bring all the benefits of  Architectural, LEED AP (LEED Accredited Professional) Interior Design, and Landscape Design services to our real estate investment projects.

This translates to the bottom line of both short-term property investments and long-term rental or development investments by creating high aesthetic appeal with truly affordable budgets. We call it affordable luxury.

Depth of experience translates into budget savings

Affordable luxury has a purpose — that is higher investment returns. Our expertise in overcoming the inherent challenges of restoring pre-1940 homes combined with our heritage of craftsman, California Bungalow and Mid-Century Modern architecture allows us to tackle a wide range of building types. With these skills the Restore 818 team can confidently step onto a property and reinvent it as a highly attractive piece of real estate from the inside-out. Our expertise gives us the ability to positively impact a commercial or residential property’s market value for buyers, sellers and investors.

The projects we design embody twenty-first century function together with classic building form. We are innovative and collaborative problem solvers. The consultants we partner with are the best in their respective fields and share our values of fresh thinking, responsive service and attention to detail.

From the initial review of any investment project, we work to understand the challenges we can face in bringing the property to its’ highest and best use. Whether it’s building from the ground-up or adapting an older structure for new uses, our solutions incorporate today’s technology and contribute to a sustainable future.

No matter whether it is a home, an apartment or an office, the space must suit a lifestyle. When this theory is applied properly it maximizes returns on real estate investments.