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Past performance does not necessarily equal future results. Investments in real estate as with all investments carry with it the risk of loss.

Real estate buyers should understand that if held for investment purposes, there is a risk that returns from other investment vehicles – such as stocks, bonds or other property – could be higher. Accordingly, there is no guarantee that a property purchase represents the best possible investment relative to other possible uses of a buyer’s money.

All information presented here is accurate to the best of our knowledge. RESTORE 818 Inc. and it’s undersigned are not liable for any misrepresentation on this web site or in any additional information given verbally or in writing relating to RESTORE 818 Inc. and its’ investments. It is the buyers’ responsibility to verify all information given.

Buyers should consult their own legal, real estate and tax advisors about the suitability of real estate investment for their particular needs and situations. Percentage returns are examples and are based on a combination or purchase price discounts, rental amounts, appreciation rates and other factors that are not in the control of RESTORE 818 Inc.