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The Advantages & Benefits of Investing with Restore 818

Restore 818 Inc. has the right professionals on our team who are experts in every aspect of real estate investment. All our real estate services — acquisition and other brokerage services, rehabs, redevelopment, and property management — are focused solely on the needs of investors.

The principals of the firm have specialized experience investing in residential and commercial properties beginning in 1995. A wide degree of experience has been gained investing in both up and down economies from Boston and New Jersey to Hawaii, Southern California to Texas, and now in South Florida. This expertise is put to use to produce profits for you whether you are taking advantage of our Turn-Key rental Property program, Short-Term Managed Investment Properties, or simply looking to buy a great investment or vacation rental property.

Some of the advantages of working with the Restore 818 team are:

Complete Central Command: We handle every aspect of the property investment on the ground; from acquisition through design and construction through to sale or property management of rent-ready properties. We are a virtual company leveraging technology to streamline communication and management. Even our rehab project management is centralized and accessible in “the cloud” for reliability, security and ease of access by our investors and investment clients 24-7.

Intimate Local Market Knowledge: We monitor and read the market every month with cold hard cash as we acquire, sell and lease new properties for our own investment projects. We see and experience changes as they happen from the perspective of active investors in the South Florida market. This intimate knowledge combined with our own capital continually at work in the market gives us a much better understanding of opportunities and pitfalls than a traditional Realtor.

Broad National Socio-Economic Knowledge: Having national exposure with experience in major metropolitan areas on the East and West coasts, we are uniquely positioned to understand the needs and desires of transplants from metropolitan areas seeking quality homes and rentals in the rapidly developing urban centers of Eastern Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Real-World Criteria, No Blinders: When acquiring properties we have stringent screening criteria to identify short-term and long-term investments with maximum potential for returns. Unlike many Realtors who tout being a “native Floridian” as some advantage, we are not constrained by the “blinders” that most locals wear. This is particularly important  when it comes to identifying areas of gentrification and the movement of investment dollars by major market players.

25+ Years of Design/Build Experience: When it comes to constructions services, our design and build experience uniquely qualifies to focus on and have a significant competitive advantage in the underserved middle-income and upper-middle income segment of retail home buyers and renters.

Plus we provide access to a licensed planning team experienced in structuring your investments for optimized tax benefits and asset protection, including 1031 exchange, SDIRA (Self Directed IRA) and special corporate structures.

With a combined experience of over 40-years in real estate investment, design and construction you are in excellent hands no matter what level of investment services you are looking for. You can sleep soundly knowing our team has everything under control for you while you reap the benefits of investing in South Florida real estate.

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