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How to Build Your Wealth

Many people, when they think of real estate investing, think of billionaire mogul Donald Trump. Some may think of other multimillionaires who made their money in their chosen professions and then exponentially multiplied it with real estate. People like Ted Turner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Oprah Winfrey come to mind.

But what’s more important to know about real estate investing is that it has transformed more “average” people into millionaires than any other investment vehicle. But not just any type of Real Estate Investing will do. For you to sleep soundly at night, you need:

  • Your principal to be safe and your assets protected
  • Your investments to be low risk
  • Your profits to be passive
  • Complete control to make decisions and take action
  • An annual rate of return of 10% or better
  • An investment vehicle custom tuned to your goals and objectives
  • An investment that can be acquired in your retirement fund
  • An investment that provides tax benefits instead of creating tax consequences
  • Your investments made based on a proven scientific system

Restore 818. meets all those targets and more. Our goal is to generate wealth by delivering investors superior returns through real estate investments made in the right markets, in the right type of property, restored the right way, for the right type of buyer.

The Health of Your Nest Egg

Everyone who is financially responsible has an retirement nest egg. The only difference between the retirement savings of the savvy investor and the average worker is the number of digits in the statement balance.

The term “nest egg” is often used because it’s something that is supposed to hatch and grow. The problem is, when it’s sitting in some “balanced portfolio,” invested over the broad market, it’s likely that it will take decades for that egg to hatch. Sadly, most investors realize too late that the only thing growing year after year is their brokers’ commission check.

Contrary to the way most people save for retirement, the wealthiest people in the world are constantly moving their money. They dynamically re-leverage, which means they move their money to maximize appreciation.

The right tools to grow your wealth

Based on secure, time-tested models, Restore 818 provides the turn-key investment properties and managed investments that you need to grow your nest egg with greater speed and reliability. And we have the right partners for you to work with so you can legally fund your investment properties through your retirement account or to legally defer taxes on regular investment dollars.

Our trusted partners have decades of experience in empowering investors with these wealth multiplying products. Contact us and find out how easy it is to get set up to take advantage of either of these tools.