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RESTORE 818 Inc. makes it easy for investors to begin earning solid returns with real estate investments in South Florida. We offer a turn-key investing experience , driven by a team of specialists who are dedicated to making your investment in homes in South Florida successful.

When it comes to the rehab of single family homes for immediate sale, RESTORE 818 doesn’t play the “lipstick on a pig” rehab game ruled by “here today, gone tomorrow” house flippers. We focus on buying the right properties in the right places at the right price points to generate Alpha returns. That means in-demand mid to upper level neighborhoods where we deliver and market quality designer home restorations to discerning retail buyers. These are buyers who are underserved, who are looking for move-in ready designer quality homes, and who have the resources to pay for our higher level product.

For multi-family and commercial office space that means undervalued properties in the path of redevelopment and expansion of high-demand, high-traffic areas with our target demographic. We look for properties that have unrecognized highest-and-best use, and then we design and rehabilitate properties to maximize returns.

RESTORE 818 Inc. investments are structured to help protect assets from creditors and lawyers, take advantage of tax deductions, and to act as an ideal growth vehicle for retirement.

The RESTORE 818 Inc. investment system is so effective is because the investment properties that result:

Generate annualized returns of 8-10% and more
Have a low cost of entry (minimum $50,000 investment)
Are asset protected
Are tax advantaged
Can be funded within a Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401(k)
Can defer taxes using 1031 Exchanges
Are protected against inflation

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