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Renovation & Development of Investment Properties

The construction division of Restore 818 specializes in the rehabilitation, modernization, and development of of distressed properties and by bringing properties to their highest and best use. This division allows us to create and control a seamless end-to-end turn-key experience for our real estate investment clients. With an accomplished interior designer leading a team that includes an engineer and architect experienced in the unique challenges of the South Florida building codes, we are uniquely qualified to tackle projects of all scopes.

The Restore 818 construction division executes projects from simple interior renovations for rental properties to major redevelopment of investment flips including additions and ground-up design/build projects.

Project management is key

Anyone who has overseen the smallest construction project realizes that project management is key to executing a project quickly, efficiently and within the restraints of time and budget. Restore 818 excels in the area of project management with decades of experience in design/build and other construction-related fields.

We have renovated over 190 properties for Managed Short-Term (“Flip”) and Long-Term (Buy & Hold Rental) Investments including single family homes, multifamily and commercial properties. We possess extensive knowledge of the South Florida real estate market and its’ unique building codes. We have a thorough understanding of key improvements needed to maximize net profits to the investor and deliver a quality product packed with affordable luxury.

We have worked to build genuine relationships with the crews, contractors and laborers who are the keys to success in rehabs and build-outs. These relationships have developed into a network of companies and work crews that are dedicated to providing the top quality service to Restore 818 clients and their properties. We have been able to provide consistent work for each of these crews, which increases reliability and allows for driving down the overall construction costs for the investment property.

Affordable luxury and peace of mind for homebuyers

Buyers of our fully renovated homes enjoy affordable luxury and peace of mind with extensive warranties on new systems. This comes through the cost efficiency of our construction and renovations matched with rigorous quality standards. We hold our contractors and vendors to a higher standard than most turn-key rental companies. That stems from our combined experiences in the building industry.

Our contractors know that we also inspect every detail of the job and are in the properties on a regular basis keeping an eye on the project. This constant inspection keeps every crew sharp and working quickly to get projects completed. This attention to detail and dedication to providing the highest quality service while minimizing costs for the investor have resulted in a high buyer satisfaction and a reduction in on-going maintenance for our property management team on rentals.

Money well spent . . . turn-key rentals

When it comes to our Turn-Key Rental properties our construction division knows the improvements that will help maximize monthly cash flow while reducing maintenance costs. Potential tenants viewing our managed rental properties immediately recognize the difference of Restore 818 rentals from the majority of South florida rental properties which leads to lower vacancies. We pride ourselves on how our properties are presented to tenants. Better looking properties with a cleaner appearance and higher levels of renovation lead to higher rental rates and longer occupancy per tenant.