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John-Paul Micek, Principal/Owner

JP Micek specializes in generating high ROI on south florida real estate investments John-Paul has been in and around the construction business since age 12, starting and growing several contracting businesses including a multi-million dollar design/build company. He began his Real Estate investing journey in 1995.

That’s when John-Paul met his first mentor in real estate investment Harry Liptka. Harry was an un-assuming gentleman who amassed thousands of acres of land in Central New Jersey  and netted a heavy 6-figure per month cash flow from rentals. Harry taught John-Paul how to maximize cash flow and appreciation through re-zoning and development.

More importantly, Harry taught John-Paul how to identify the path of growth for five and ten years down the road thereby identifying properties with exponential growth potential. Harry also began nurturing one of John-Paul ’s greatest strengths — the ability to recognize hidden value and optimize returns by moving a property to its’ highest-and-best use.

Since 1995 John-Paul has invested in and managed Real Estate investments in New Jersey, Hawaii, Texas, California and Florida with project scopes ranging from single-family homes to commercial apartment complexes with 350-plus units. He has extensive experience in rehabbing properties for immediate resale and reconfiguring multi-family rental properties to maximize cash flow and the Internal Rate of Return.

Between the spring of 2010 and summer of 2012 John-Paul worked with Armando Montelongo Companies acting as Interim COO. During this 18-month period he played a key role in systemizing and helping grow the business from $12-million/year to $74.5-million/year. That growth earned AM Companies the #19 spot overall on the INC 500 (2012). With well over a 700 real estate investment deals completed during his time at AM Companies, John-Paul was able to further hone and refine his Real Estate investment skills.

The founding of RESTORE 818 Inc.

In founding RESTORE 818 John-Paul is writing yet another chapter in his entrepreneurial journey. With his father being an accomplished NYC Commercial Interior Architect and John-Paul ’s working with the owners of multi-million dollar estates beginning in his teens, he possesses a unique outlook on generating profits through design. Like all his previous businesses, the common thread woven into RESTORE 818 is a focus on innovation and value creation.

With over 30-years experience in business and nearly 20-years in Real Estate Investing, John-Paul is showing no signs of resting on the accomplishments of the past. He is fiercely committed to quality workmanship done cost effectively.