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Miami-Dade Looses Residents and Adds to Fort Lauderdale’s Growth

fort lauderdale real estate investment company benefits from Miami-Dade transplantsAnother sign of the quiet but steady growth of the Fort Lauderdale area accruing to the latest U.S. Census Bureau figures released by the Associated Press. More Miami-Dade County residents are moving to Broward County than any other county-to-county migration in Florida.

About 25,000 Miami-Dade residents relocated to Broward in 2011 putting additional pressure on the Fort Lauderdale real estate market. That represented the sixth-largest county-to-county migration flow in the nation. Only Los Angeles and its surrounding counties had higher migration flows.

This is great news for Restore 818 Inc. and our real estate investment arm; Secure Market Capital. Along with increasing relocations from cold states (both in terms of weather and pro-business policies), the influx of new residents brings new buyers. Many of these buyers bring with them their desire for higher end finishes and design, the specialty of our restoration division.

With our growth-based investments yielding annual ROI’s of 12%-plus it’s the right time and right market to put your money to work in real estate. It’s easy with our fully managed property restorations and flips. To learn more about growth or equity-based investments secured by real property in the growing Fort Lauderdale area provided by Restore 818 Inc. contact us using the Investor Contact page.

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