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Prospectus Examples

The following are examples of Investment Summary reports we compile for each investment property. As an investor with Restore 818 Inc. you will receive a prospectus similar to the PDF documents below. Each prospectus summarizes the critical information on the real estate investment along with projected returns.

Each Investment Summary report includes:

  • An executive summary providing details on the subject investment property
  • A budget summary with costs
  • Projected returns on the investment
  • Information on the top three comparable properties
  • Map of the subject property relative to the comparable properties

Take a look at the sample Sort-Term prospectus examples to see just a sampling of the due diligence we complete on all investment properties. Managed Long-Term Investments have a much more extensive report package.

Each report is 12-15mb so please be patient based on your download speed.

South Florida Property Investment Report – Sample 01

South Florida Property Investment Report – Sample 02

South Florida Property Investment Report – Sample 03 

Note: All of the investments above are funded. They are provided as examples only.