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Managed Long-Term Income Investments


MANAGED INCOME INVESTMENTS (Buy – Develop – Manage – Sell in the Future)
Many investors find this option to be the ultimate investment vehicle. You invest individually or along with several other investors in a Club Deal on a specific property with Restore 818 as the managing partner. Individuals usually fund smaller multifamily properties, while a Club Deal involves the purchase a larger multifamily or commercial property. In either case we target properties that are prime for modernization, expansion and/or development in order to bring the property to its’ highest and best use. We manage all the work then oversee the management of the property until sale at a carefully calculated time. Learn more here


Restore 818 Managed Income Investments are the ultimate hands-free true investment option. In a Managed Income Investment you invest individually or with other investors in a “Club Deal” and Restore 818 is the Managing Partner. These long-term investments are typically larger multifamily or commercial properties that are prime for modernization to increase value and cash flow. Some properties hold the potential for significant returns by bringing the property to its’ highest and best use through expansion or re-development. Whatever the strategy, we manage all the work then oversee the management of the property until sale at the right time.

The smart alternative to the Wall Street casino

There is no surer path for the average person to grow his wealth and expand her financial freedom than through long-term real estate investments. With our Managed Income Investments Restore 818 specializes in the identification, acquisition, upgrading and management of multifamily properties in South Florida, particularly in East Fort Lauderdale. We focus on this niche because it provides numerous opportunities in addition to standard buy-and-hold investments.

By focusing on Eastern areas of Broward County we can apply our specialized knowledge in targeting multifamily investment properties with exponential upside. You can consider it the trifecta of long-term real estate investment:

  • Excellent rates of annual return
  • More desirable tenants
  • Opportunities for exponential appreciation

All this combines to generate impressive Internal Rates of Return (cash flow and appreciation combined over the hold period) on multifamily properties of various sizes and investment levels.

How Restore 818 Managed Income Investments Work

With Managed Income Investments from Restore 818, you can invest in larger projects with greater potential returns than you might be able to on your own. Multiple investors can be combined in a “club deal” where the percentage of ownership is determined by their investment amount. Funds are always secured against real property.

The properties targeted for our Managed Income Investments are generally multifamily properties. We carefully research and examine a matrix of factors which indicate areas with the greatest potential for exponential returns. We look for factors such as neighborhoods in the path of redevelopment, areas slated for infrastructure  development by the city, or expanding areas of gentrification by our target demographic. This allows us to acquire properties in areas likely to experience accelerated appreciation.

For optimal long-term returns Restore 818’s Managed Income Investments always start with a dated, neglected or distressed property. Because of that our Managed Income Investments focus on two primary opportunities for maximum long-term profits:

1.  A multifamily rental that the previous owner may have treated as a “cash cow”, performing only the most essential repairs to keep rents coming in. This property with deferred maintenance could be generating decent returns, but it has substantial potential to increase rents and overall profitability with modernization and upgrades.

2.  A multifamily property that is in decent condition and producing acceptable cash flow; but the property has the right zoning, lot size or some other potential that makes it ripe for development. The property in its’ current state is well short of its’ highest and best use. On some properties this can mean optimization of the property as rental units for the current and trending demographics of the area.  In other cases highest and best use can mean holding the property in its’ current cash flow configuration for a time period, then developing the property to its’  highest and best use at a time which will bring the greatest potential returns. This often involves the redevelopment of the property into another use such as condos, town homes or commercial use.

With the long-term there is more risk from exposure to economic, political and market forces coming into play. However if conditions develop that adversely impact pre-planned disposition strategy, we are able to adjust. A property that is yielding good returns on rents (cash flow)  we are able to hold through a down period and wait to sell when market conditions are more favorable. Many investors feel more comfortable with a long-term investment as real estate historically appreciates over the long-term and there are always people who desire a well cared for, upgraded place to rent.

What terms and returns can you expect?

Properties in our Managed Income Investments will generally be held for sale two (2) to five (5) years depending on the project scope and targeted returns. This approach is more likely  to deliver a high Internal Rate of Return. The investment delivers a consistent rate of return on cash flow PLUS the property itself is appreciating PLUS there are tax benefits from depreciation write-offs.

Restore 818 Managed Income Investments . . .

  • Generate an Internal Rate of Return which can easily run 25% or higher depending on the scope of the project
  • Generally target annualized returns on operations of 7% or better
  • Mitigate risk by focusing on high-demand markets and providing some flexibility in execution
  • Provide more opportunity to maximize upside by bringing a property to its’ highest and best use
  • Have a moderate cost of entry (min. $150,000 investment for club deals, min. $250,000 solo)
  • Are asset protected; your investment is always secured by real property
  • Are protected against inflation
  • Can be funded within a SDIRA (Self Directed IRA) or Solo 401(k)
  • Can mitigate current taxes through depreciation and write-offs
  • Can use 1031 Exchange money to delay tax impacts


This investment option is ideal for . . .

Restore 818 Managed Long -Term Investments are an ideal vehicle for creating current passive cash flow and for steadily growing your investment accounts. If you find with non-retirement funds you can defer tax impacts by using a 1031 Exchange. When you invest using retirement funds it is smart to do so through a SDIRA (Self Directed IRA) so you can mitigate taxes on what might otherwise be considered income.

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