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Managed Short-Term Real Estate Investments

Restore 818 Inc. Managed Short -Term Investments are passive for you as an investor. You invest and we manage the rest.

Each Restore 818 Managed Short-Term Investment is created when we identify a distressed or under-utilized property and complete our 12-step due-diligence process. We firm up our preliminary budget prior to locking into contract and while in escrow we begin the design process that will deliver the affordable luxury Restore 818 is known for to the eventual retail buyer. We then manage the professional restoration and build-out of the property with the goal of immediate resale.

We focus on buying the right properties in the right places at the right price points and performing the level of rehab neighborhood buyers are looking for so we can generate Alpha returns in a relatively short time period. To safeguard investment capital we target properties that will provide positive cash flow should any local weather-related or macro-economic event out of our control temporarily depress the buyer pool. These investment properties require speed combined with quality of work to maximize investment returns, and this is where Restore 818 excels.

How do Restore 818’s Short-Term Real Estate Investments work?

With Restore 818’s Managed Short-term Investments we:

1) Identify target markets with high demand and a substantial gap between the values of distressed and fully upgraded homes

2) Research and confirm homebuyer expectations in each sub-market to determine the quality of rehabilitation

3) Facilitate the acquisition of properties including all negotiations

4) Complete due diligence during inspection period

5) Facilitate design, engineering and architectural work as needed

6) Design and restore the properties at the appropriate level to exceed the homebuyer expectations for that sub-market

7) Facilitate hiring of licensed tradesmen and contractors

8) Directly project manage all renovation and build work

9) Execute all marketing to sell immediately upon completion of the renovation

Restore 818’s  advantage in Short-Term Real Estate Investments is in a unique niche serving the needs of mid to upper level buyers seeking modernized properties in high-demand or “move-up” neighborhoods of South Florida. Although we offer Short-Term Investments in various markets, we specialize in acquiring, producing and marketing affordable designer home restorations to a discerning segment of retail buyers. These are buyers are underserved due to the extremely low inventory of move-in ready homes in South Florida.

What terms and returns can you expect?

The term of the investment depends on the scope of the renovation project for a given property. These investments typically range from six to twelve months. In general, the longer the project the higher the potential returns. Your investment capital is always secured with real property.

Our Managed Short -Term Investments . . .

~ Deliver average returns of 6% – 12% NET Annualized ROI during the term of the project

~ Mitigate risk by focusing on high-demand, low-inventory markets

~ Provide flexibility with investment dollars deployed over short terms

~ Have a low cost of entry (min. $125,000 investment)

~ Are asset protected; your investment is always secured by real property

~ Can be funded within a Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401(k)

~ Can use 1031 Exchange money to delay tax impacts

Some examples of completed investment projects

Take a look at the case studies below to see examples of our Short-Term Investments. Each case study includes a project overview, returns summary and a before/after photo gallery.

Case Study 01: Junior Grows up

Case Study 02: Resurrecting Lester Avery

Case Study 03: Down The Rabbit Hole

Case Study 04: Urban Escape

This investment option is ideal for . . .

Restore 818 Managed Short -Term Investments are an ideal vehicle for rapidly growing investment funds outside or inside your retirement accounts. When you invest through a SDIRA (Self Directed IRA) you mitigate taxes on what might otherwise be considered income. Sequential reinvestment in short-term investments using your SDIRA allows you to benefit from exponential returns while delaying taxes until retirement when your tax rate is lower.

Our Managed Short -Term Investments are also a great way for investors to create what we call a “critical mass.” Your Critical Mass is a targeted dollar amount relative to your particular goals. Once this amount is reached it will equip you to continue growing your funds through short-term investments while simultaneously generating money to regularly invest in Long-Term (rental property) Investments.

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